robust carrier-neutral interconnection options

dense carrier ecosystems

iM cross-connections are secured on passive fiber and copper interconnect panels within our carefully-managed Interconnect Room, centrally located in our data center and with direct fiber connections to other facilities within the 35 NE 2nd Street building ecosystem.   iM’s connectivity options and peering solutions reduce operating expense, expand market opportunities and empower growth.   Instead of offering lit services to compete with our carrier Clients, we actively promote and facilitate profitable exchanges in every direction.

iM benefits

   reduce costs, streamline & eliminate local loops
   improve speed, redundancy, reliability & security
   24-hour turnaround for cross-connections
   competitive selection of connectivity choices
   end-to-end management & monitoring
   robust diversity & redundancy of routes

exchange & transport options

Direct connection to robust peering platforms lowers costs and delivers better performance by reducing hops through direct interconnections, and is further enabled by the iM-owned fully-autonomous Miami metro-area underground fiber optic system.   Many providers offer competitive transport and IP options from interconnect Miami.

iM metro dark fiber available

iM’s metro dark fiber is available to connect our Customers to other key downtown network access points & business locations.   This ring-architected loop was constructed by iM in 2000 as a carrier-neutral nexus for metro, regional and international carriers to enhance or create their presence.   iM also offers outside plant lateral design/build to enable new routes and connections.

bandwidth & connectivity

iM’s carrier community keeps our Clients connected from server to server, server-to-office and server-to-other-datacenters, to enable unlimited data growth and guaranteed bandwidth on demand.   Starting from the networks housed in our facilities, we connect to multiple under-ocean cables, and trans-global data traffic flows through multiple international gateways to Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean.

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