extended dark fiber CX

Miami metro fiber

iM’s ring-architected metro loop in Miami was constructed by iM in 2000 to be used as a carrier-neutral nexus for metro regional and international carriers to enhance or create their presence in the marketplace.   Our loop is predominantly deep‐bored and connected to a system of completely dedicated vaults and manholes in the carrier and colocation‐dense heart of downtown Miami.   The system is equipped with dedicated, diverse laterals built into diverse underground points of entry at 36 Northeast 2nd Street (iM’s datacenter location) and connected via diverse fiber shafts to iM’s Interconnect Room and to the other data centers in the building.   The conduit system also features laterals into key downtown carrier switch facilities and network access points, allowing interconnection with over 200 carriers.  

lateral & long haul options

iM enables long haul dark fiber via our affiliates and strategic partner providers.   iM will also design and build new laterals and outside plant requirements to enable new routes and connections for our Clients.  

dark fiber is available

iM’s metro dark fiber is available to connect iM facilities to other key regional network access points and business locations based on monthly charges or long-term IRU’s.   Our fiber offerings are to enhance our colocation offerings and facility connectivity, and not to offer lit services or compete with our carrier community.  

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