interconnect Miami data center

LatinAM & Caribbean hub

Miami is the key link to most Latin American & Caribbean markets, where we deliver 100% carrier-neutral connectivity to carriers and peering options to lower IP costs and deliver better end-to-end network performance.  

interconnect Miami is the most cost-effective place to connect to international markets and support the strategies of an enterprise or telecom provider whose sights are set on growth and international reach.  

Located within Miami's premier 'carrier hotel' (originally owned, designed and developed by iM’s principals), interconnect Miami’s mission-critical features include Category 5 hurricane rating, diverse shaft routes to segregate all vertical riser and horizontal shaft elements, indoor generator and fuel tank locations, ample clearances, high load bearing capacities and diverse power feeds.  

iM metro dark fiber available

iM’s dark fiber is available to connect our Customers to other key downtown network access points and business locations, based on monthly charges of long-term IPR’s.   This ring-architected loop was constructed by iM in 2000 to be used as a carrier-neutral nexus for metro, regional and international carriers to enhance or create their presence.  

iM loop:

   predominantly deep‐bored conduit system connected to 100% dedicated vaults & manholes
   located in the carrier & colocation‐dense heart of downtown Miami
   equipped with dedicated, diverse laterals built into the diverse underground POE’s at interconnect Miami
   connected via diverse fiber shafts & pathways to iM’s Interconnect Room
   laterals available to key downtown carrier hubs & extended cross connections to over 200 carriers.

technical support

iMsmart hands provide a variety of technical support functions including rack and stack, installations, implementations, storage, monitoring and reporting options on a very cost-effective basis.   Clients can step away from the daily demands of their IT requirements and let iM manage their network, server and cloud environments.   Our highly-trained technicians draw upon comprehensive IT and network services experience to deliver customized support solutions.

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