iMsmart…..intelligent data center support

technical support

iMsmart hands provide an array of technical support functions on a low-cost basis and takes the heat off our Clients’ staff and let them focus on their core business. Our highly-trained technicians draw upon comprehensive IT & network services experience to deliver customized support solutions.

competitive rates

pay as needed

Our remote hands packages are available on a monthly or per-usage basis, and our well-trained staff is always just steps away from your devices.   Why constantly buy, deploy, scale and manage data center staff, infrastructure, hardware and network, tie up valuable key resources? Our IT service team provides a cost-effective and refreshing alternative for companies that don’t necessarily want to be in the technology business.

standard onsite services

   rack and stack
   network deployment & monitoring
   hardware installs, upgrades, replacements, cycling & support
   health checks, monitoring & reporting
   storage management & specialized backup tasks
   capacity management

Clients can step away from the daily demands of their IT requirements and let iM manage their network, server and cloud environments.

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