Our infrastructure keeps you connected and protected, regardless of disruptions in the world around us.


The Interconnect Miami Internet Exchange (IMIX) platform aggregates multiple peering options and provides a robust alternative for IP transit to lower costs and deliver high-quality end-to-end network performance. Leveraging a wide range of providers, customers gain access to competitive transport and IP options from IMDC, further enabled by our fully-autonomous Miami metro-area underground fiber optic system.

IMDC customers also receive direct connectivity to robust exchange platforms that combine regional IP networks with extensive network fabrics. This unique combination creates peering services that are more cost-effective and deliver enhanced performance utilizing fewer hops through direct interconnections.

Standard onsite services include:

  • Peering for increased network efficiency
  • Access to peering participants via Public VLAN
  • Bilateral peering between companies
  • Access to IX peering portals and peering community
  • 24x7 Network Operations Center (NOC) support
  • Guaranteed uptime for individual ports
  • Extensive personal technical support